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We provide appropriate solutions for your animal health needs

Our close team of veterinarians and support staff take pride in trying to achieve the best outcomes in terms of your farm’s animal health and overall productivity.  We understand that every farmer runs their farming operation in their own unique way and that advice must be tailored to each client, and each situation.  Our vets spend time getting to know our clients, and are attuned to their individual needs. We realise that one size does not always fit all.

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Sheep & Beef Services

  • Animal Health Planning

  • Sheep scanning

  • Parasite management advice

  • Pregnancy scanning

  • Faecal egg counts and Faecal egg count reduction testing

  • Mineral testing and liver biopsy

  • Sheep conveyor

  • FE spore counts 

  • Ram runs to all farms for scrotal palpation and Brucellosis testing

  • Bull service capacity testing 

  • Disease outbreak investigations 

  • Farm specific staff training days


  • Animal Health Planning 

  • Dehorning

  • Parasite management

  • Mastitis consultancy and Milk quality consultation

  • Pregnancy testing 

  • Calf rearing management 

  • In-calf advice 

  • Non-cycling cow programme solutions

  • FE spore counts

  • Farm specific staff training days

  • Dry cow and teat seal application

  • Lameness advice and management 


Cattle at Sunrise
  • We look after about 1500 working dogs in our area and they are very popular with our staff!

  • A wide range of medical and surgical services covering everything from basic stitch ups to mammary strips and orthopaedics

  • Annual dog vaccination runs

  • Drontal and droncit mail out worming programme 

  • Nutritional advice 

Working Dogs

  • Deer scanning

  • Velvet accreditation

  • Velveting 

  • Animal health planning

  • Parasite management plans

  • Johne's Disease management


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